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Core Principles

Our Core Principles form the foundation for Signal Energy’s work ethic and approach for creating long-lasting relationships with our people, customers, vendors, and partners. We select and promote our people, as well as choose our partners based upon alignment with our Core Principles.

  1. Serve As Stewards

    We leave things better than we find them. We prosper resources.

  2. Develop Leaders

    We actively recruit, develop, and promote future leaders. We prosper people.

  3. Live With Integrity

    We have an unwavering determination to do what is right, no matter what. We are authentic and we trust each other.

  4. Persevere

    When something is important and difficult we seek opportunities, ask tough questions, solve problems, learn and grow. We never give up. We stay positive.

  5. Look Ahead

    We look to the future and consider potential issues, options and alternatives, and then make decisions. We act based on our priorities.

  6. Actively Communicate & Respond Promptly

    We respond promptly during critical decision times and at times of significant change. We solve problems quickly so they stay solved.

  7. Seek Wisdom

    We do our research, and ask our peers and mentors for their insights. We seek advice.

  8. Create and Collaborate

    We respect one another. We openly share ideas and information, and actively help those around us. We never say, “that’s not my job.”

  9. Do Our Best

    We continuously strive for excellence, learning and growing with each experience. We compete to win.