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Imagine being a member of a team at a leading renewable energy construction firm…a team focused on innovation, continuous improvement and grounded on Core Principles. With passion and dedication, you can be part of our dynamic culture and innovative work environment. Does this sound like you? It’s time to HARNESS YOUR CREATIVE ENERGY.

Career Opportunities

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At Signal Energy, we are invested in providing opportunities for our employees to succeed and inspiring in them an ethic of stewardship for the company, their colleagues, our clients, and our resources. Our team values teamwork, collaboration, continual learning and problem solving to ensure we do business the right way, every time. We also value the communities where we work and are proud to support the neighborhoods where we have invested in projects, through Signal CARES.

Work Environment

Signal Energy actively recruits and develops the best people to be leaders in our company. We promote a work environment where all employees’ gifts and talents contribute to solving problems and harnessing creative energy to develop innovative solutions.